Mold Removal

Unfortunately for homeowners, mold is a problem that you will most likely run into at some point. Luckily, there are experienced professionals at GCPRO Restoration who know how to identify mold problems and plan the most efficient mold removal and cleanup solutions for any situation.

Most people know that indoor mold can cause serious health issues and can severely damage the structure of a property. It is important to contact mold remediation professionals right away if you suspect mold contamination, or if your property is showing signs of mold growth. GCPRO offers safe and quick mold removal plans that will benefit your home right away – call now!

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Expert Mold Removal

Because of Chicago’s proximity to the lake, we experience mold problems more often than other parts of the country. GCPRO’s team of specialized mold remediation experts is trained to deal with the unique problems of mold and mold-related issues.

When you see mold around a windowsill or on the bathroom ceiling, there is a good chance that the mold issue spreads further than what you are seeing. Surface mold is generally a small portion of a much larger problem underneath. Home “remedies” like vinegar, bleach, and mold covering paint are not going to save your property from mold contamination. Mold requires expert removal and cleanup to make the property safe for habitation.

Mold is commonly found in the bathroom, basement, attic, crawlspace, and any other areas that are prone to have higher levels of moisture. Moisture and humidity are key to mold growth.

mold wall damage

Successful Mold Cleanup from GCPRO

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GCPRO Restoration has the skills and the tools necessary to identify the source of the mold problem, eliminate it, and clean up the mold that invaded your property. 

Remember: Without removing the source of the mold, it will return. To prevent future problems, watch out for the following:

  • High Humidity
  • Roof Leaks
  • Water Buildup
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Water Damage

Don’t let mold turn into a major problem. Contact the professional mold remediation team at GCPRO Restoration today and let us put together a plan of action to get your property back to a healthy and safe environment. Call us today!

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