Personal Property Restoration

Saving Your Personal Property After A Disaster

Property restoration is an important part of any disaster restoration job. When your home is damaged by water or fire, your personal belongings are often damaged too. Property restoration services from GCPRO can save items like electronics, documents, art, jewelry, furniture, clothes, and office equipment. 

What you may think is unsalvageable actually might be restorable. Our team has worked on many projects and have successfully restored many items that initially seemed beyond saving. Never toss out any item without first consulting with the property restoration pros at GCPRO Restoration. We offer complete personal property restoration services including packout, cleaning, and storage. Give us a call today!

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Pack-Out And Cleaning

When items are damaged by water, fire, or soot, the impact extends beyond what you see with a naked eye. That means that your personal property could be more vulnerable than you anticipate. 

Items can experience further harm when being moved from the property. To minimize further damage and exposure to destruction, let the professionals at GCPRO pack up your personal belongings and move them to be cleaned. We will carefully pack and inventory each item, ensuring they are safe for transport. Our team is trained in property restoration and reduces the risk of cross-contamination and further destruction of any item.

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Professional Cleaning For All Your Belongings

We Restore Sentimental & Other Irreplaceable Items

Not only does successful personal property restoration save a lot of money on replacement costs, but it can also save your precious and sentimental items. Jewelry, photos, and treasured keepsakes can all be recovered if the right steps are taken and the items are not a total loss. You don’t have to lose your items forever – GCPRO’s skilled and experienced team may be able to salvage valuable and priceless property.

We can effectively clean many types of items including:

  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Soft Goods
  • Hard Goods
  • Appliances
  • Jewelry
  • Home Decor
  • Photos and Documents
  • And More

Our team is the best property restoration team in Chicagoland, and we have countless testimonials from satisfied customers to prove it. Contact us today!

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